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Public borrowing at £7.7bn in October

Government borrowing fell to £7.7bn in October, official figures show, down £0.2bn from a year earlier.

Bank of England ‘will wait until after election to raise interest rates’

The Bank of England will wait until after the general election to raise interest rates as the threat of a resurgent eurozone crisis hangs over the UK economy, according to a leading thinktank.

Temporary guarantee will apply only to money temporarily deposited in a bank, for instance from a house sale or insurance claim.

Savings of up to £1m in collapsed banks are to be protected under new proposals from the Bank of England intended to avoid a Northern Rock-style run on a financial institution. The £1m limit will apply only to money temporarily deposited in a bank, for instance from a house sale or insurance claim, and will last for six months.

Obama doubles down on threat to act against 'tax inversions' by US firms

In the wake of a rare tactical victory for the White House, Barack Obama on Wednesday evening defended his threat to use controversial presidential powers to prevent companies from avoiding US taxes.

Britain's hunger crisis: One MILLION food parcels handed out despite UK having sixth richest economy

Campaigners last night demanded David Cameron scrap his savage welfare reforms after the number of emergency food parcels handed out soared to more than a million.

UK firms raise £10bn from investors in 2013

Companies claw back almost two-fifths of cash paid out to shareholders since start of financial crisis

UK stripped of AAA rating by Fitch

Britain’s credit standing has suffered a further blow after Fitch became the second international agency to strip the country of its AAA rating.

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