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UK Sets Out Upcoming VAT Reform Initiatives

The UK's Chancellor, Philip Hammond, delivering the Spring Statement earlier this month, announced a number of upcoming VAT reform projects.

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Put To UK Lawmakers

An agreement has been reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Brexit, which, if approved by UK lawmakers, would establish a transition period, until the end of 2020, during which EU law would continue to apply to the UK.

UK's targeting of Russian oligarchs as a national security threat is a sham

Russia and its oligarchs are not alone in their kleptomaniac, money-laundering endeavours Those who hanker for a transparent world where everybody knows each other's business are now on a roll.

World Cup 2018: Why employers should succumb to football fever

2018 FIFA World Cup does not have to be a big waste of time and resources in the workplace

ICO project IBFS united

On the 1st of December 2017 IBFS united launches the ICO of – international professional (legal and consulting) services exchange platform.

UK Firms' Financial Reporting More Transparent: FRC

Whilst corporate reporting by large listed companies is generally good, detailed explanations and clarity could still be better, according to the Financial Reporting Council's (FRC's) recently released Annual Review of Corporate Reporting.

Australia Seeking UK, EU Free Trade Deals

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said his country stands ready to agree a post-Brexit trade treaty with the UK.

HMRC Supports Review Of Tax Rules On Image Rights

The UK Public Accounts Committee (PAC) heard from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at its hearing on December 7 on the UK's response to the Panama Papers leak and the tax avoidance connected to image rights.

Revealed: Amber Rudd was 'director' of two offshore firms

Amber Rudd was once the director of two companies based in the offshore tax haven of Bahamas, leaked documents have revealed. The Home Secretary was a director of Advanced Asset Allocation Management and Bahamian firms Advanced Asset Allocation Fund between 1998 and 2000.

Get a Head Start on Tax Reform

Washington leaders can help tax reform succeed in 2017 by planning now.

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