Apostille / legalization

In order for the business documents from Germany to be recognized and accepted abroad, they must be certified accordingly and checked for authenticity. The same applies to foreign business documents that are to be presented in Germany.

Internationally, when confirming the authenticity of the documents, the apostille and legalization are particularly recognized.


Germany is a member of the Hague Convention for the Exemption of Foreign Public Documents from Legalization of October 5, 1961. It enables the contracting states of the Hague Convention to use a simplified form of authentication for public documents.

An apostille is a confirmation of authenticity of the signature and the status of the signatory as well as the seal / stamp on a public document. Certain German authorities issue the apostille for the German documents; further participation by the consulate of the state in which the document is to be used is no longer necessary. This means that a subsequent legalization by the corresponding embassy is not necessary.

The apostille of the business documents is usually done by a notary and the competent regional court.

We support you in apostilling the following business documents:

Powers of attorney
Powers of attorney
Company documents
Other documents on request

German public documents are only recognized in non-member states of the Hague Convention if their authenticity has been confirmed by the diplomatic or consular representation of the respective state. Before that, the German documents must be pre-authenticated by the relevant German authority. Different diplomatic missions abroad have their own requirements for checking the authenticity of a document, which often differ from one another.

In principle, only public documents such as B. judicial and notarial documents from German authorities or diplomatic missions are legalized. Private deeds must first be notarized by a notary or an authority in order to be able to become a public deed. Only then can private documents be legalized.

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