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Legal support of business is an important part of its success, stability and security. The value of legal support increases dramatically as the release of the international arena and its transformation into a transnational corporation. All the actions of the international company should be carefully checked for compliance to numerous legislative and regulations of all the countries of its presence. However, apart from the letter of the law, there is also a local legal practice, case base and bureaucratic procedures that can not be found from outside the country.
IBFS united company has more than 50 years of experience practicing law in 11 countries, including China. Specialists from international offices are in direct contact with each other, have common database, which stores all of the most recent data for the practice of law, case-based and bureaucratic procedures of the dislocation and the neighboring states.
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England. Representative Office in London.
Suite 2,23-24 Great James Street, London,WC1N 3ES
Phone: +447812524249
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