Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We provide legal services on issues related to the different stages of the debt, including as bankruptcy. Federal Law of October 26, 2002 № 127-FZ "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)" (hereinafter - the Law № 127-FZ) defines "insolvency" as follows:
"Insolvency (Bankruptcy) - recognized arbitration debtor's inability to fully satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations and (or) to fulfill the obligation to make mandatory payments (hereinafter - bankruptcy)."

Thus, we are applied by the organization, which, because of certain circumstances, accumulated money owed to third parties, and are looking for opportunities to get out of the crisis of financial condition. We conduct a comprehensive accounting and legal assessment of the financial situation of the organization, including the following services:

- Identifying reasons for the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;
- Legal support of the approval process trustee;
- Analysis of the debtor's assets and priority of payment in the process of liquidation;
- The study of the claims of creditors, disputing such claims;
- Imposition of provisional measures (arrest accounts, real estate and other assets);
- Challenging actions trustee and identify reasons for its change in the case of legal necessity;
- Implementation of debt collection;
- Representing the interests of the company at all stages of the proceedings



    We make every effort to find a way to restructure the debt and help the organization to get out of the difficult situation. Unfortunately, debt restructuring is not always possible, and sometimes these is no choice but to admit that further company functioning and money payments are not real. As a result, organizations must apply to the relevant court of arbitration to open proceedings for the recognition of its untenable. Litigation in court is a complex and lengthy process, where the representation of the interests it is desirable to deal with experienced and qualified professionals. Our lawyers have successfully implemented and continue participating in the processes of this kind not only in Russia, but in many countries of the world.




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