Corporate law and the protection of the interests of shareholders

Corporate practice of the Moscow office IBFS unites a team of professionals capable of quickly and efficiently implement projects of any level of complexity, regardless of the place of registration of the legal entity. Our experience allows maintaining and conducting projects at any stage: from the detailed design specification of the transaction structure, the organization of the negotiation process with all interested parties, the due diligence process and ending with practical implementation, until the implementation of the whole chain integration. Competent counted corporate legal strategy allows companies to maximize their strengths and avoid disputes, regardless of where in the world the financial and economic activities are carried out.
It's no secret that prevention of problems is less costly enterprise, both in time and in the media, rather than fixing them. Thus, IFBS experts with exceptional accuracy and usefulness are ready to implement advice on corporate law and provide a wide range of services in the field of corporate law and the protection of shareholder interests.
IBFS range of legal services in this section is not exhaustive, as the dynamics of the development of corporate law is rather swift and constantly evolving legal conflicts are uninterruptible power problems and contradictions. When contacting IBFS Company, you make very clear choice to achieve the strategic and tactical goals and protect yourself from unexpected legal consequences in the circumstances.
Our services:
- Legal audit of the legal form of legal entities, the structure, operating control and the profit distribution algorithms;
- Content analysis of constituent documents in compliance with the law;
- Establishing the presence or absence of grounds for transactions in shares and equities businesses of major transactions and related party transactions;
- Establishing the eligibility of claims by the other shareholders, the company or government;
- Analysis of the activities of legal entities and their executive bodies for violations of international law and the laws of the Russian Federation;
- Expertise and assistance in the preparation of documents of major corporate procedures (instructions, reports, orders, regulations, etc.);
- Legal assistance in the preparation and conduct of board meetings, regular and special general meeting of members (shareholders);
- Representation in the courts on issues related with shares or solicitation of illegal possession, nonpayment of dividends, the appeal of decisions of general meetings, implementation of major transactions and related party transactions, except members of the joint-stock companies, etc.;
- Legal protection against unlawful decisions and actions of the government;
- Establishing grounds for invalidation of transactions violate the interests of the shareholders or members;
- The implementation of the legal requirements of minority shareholders;
- Representation of a participant or shareholder at the general meeting of the Company (for example, on the payment of dividends);
- Drafting shareholder agreements and expertise previously made documents.

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