Transaction support on Takeovers and Mergers (M & A)

IBFS Group Specialists provide you with the best options for the transaction, which will continue to achieve the ultimate goal of this type of business services - increase financial stability and increase capitalization.
Qualified expert help and experience of our team in various segments of the global and Russian economies, deep knowledge of the financial markets will ensure our customers of getting the highest level of service in the implementation of the most complex deals in the attachment and fusion.
Our experts are ready to act as consultants in transaction support and merger transaction, both the seller and the buyer.
For the buyer in the transactions to join and merge our consultants offer the following services:
- Search prospective object affiliation or merger, the selection of the most interesting proposals;
- The market value and the financial attractiveness of the intended purchase of the business, expert evaluation for compliance with the acquired asset;
- Legal expertise (Due Diligence) object M &A;
- Organization and negotiation, consultation at all stages of the transaction;
- Consultation to ensure deferred payments for transactions M &A;
- Organization of the procedure of signing the necessary documents, including the decision to join or merge, issue offer, registration transfer certificate, non-disclosure agreements of the deal, execution of the contract of sale or merger filing of the appropriate authorities.

For the seller in transactions for accession and merger, we offer the following services:
- Construction of an optimal corporate structure of the client before the transaction;
- A full analysis of the financial and economic activities of businesses sold;
- The involvement of experts to assess the business, development and implementation of the most effective schemes of selling a business;
- Execution of all documents and agreements for the transaction;
- Legal support of transactions, including pre-screen, negotiations, meetings, approval of terms, the signing of the contract of sale or merger, the notice of the authorized bodies;
- The consent of the antimonopoly body.

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