Exclusive services for the conservation and development of family assets

Family Office - a unique range of services, widespread in the developed countries of Europe, worked out for business owners and executives. IBFS Company Family Office service is similar with Private Banking services, provided by financial institutions, but has a number of significant advantages. The main advantage is its higher degree of privacy and the possibility of diversification of assets and liabilities without reference to a particular bank.
IBFS Boutique Department is by far one of the leaders in the market of Russia and CIS Family Office services. Personalized, long-term international experience, a unique highly qualified professionals and a wide network of offices around the world can surpass the expectations of the most demanding customers.
Family office services include customer satisfaction in the following areas:
- Finance (the opening of bank accounts, assist in ensuring the smooth operation of personal accounts, including the development of solutions for the smooth movement of capital structure of the customer, the registration of investment funds, the search area for investment, asset management, etc.)
- Program of investment capital: hedge funds, stocks, bonds and other financial instruments.
The right to privacy and resolution of various legal problems of clients in Russia and abroad, registration of companies, investments and other financial transactions on behalf of the family office.
- Support of projects and solving complex problems (e.g., search and implementation of the ideas of opening new businesses ranging from calculating the cost and payback period to finding office space and building a network of suppliers and buyers, providing control of coherence of the whole structure).
- Accompanying purchases of expensive assets (search for optimal solutions, deals to buy real estate, sea and air vessels, art luxuries, developing structure of an effective maintenance and use of the property, including the leasing of assets during periods of inactivity).
The list of services is not limited and is unique for each client.


Rockefeller Center Plaza And Concourse
15th Floor, office 1524, New York, NY 10022 USA
Phone: +1 347 450-9922
E-mail: info@ibfsunited.com
Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00

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