22 10 2012

IBFS company decided to make the internal corporate ratings system public.

IBFS unided company has decided to make some of their internal corporate ratings available to the general audience. Internal corporate ratings, adopted for use in all offices to assess the economic efficiency of the various jurisdictions, can dramatically simplify the process of creating recommendations for the optimization of tax deductions international corporations - customers.

IBFS united company Intra ratings have existed for 14 years. The first evaluation of the effectiveness of the various jurisdictions to enable companies registered there in the big corporations appeared in 1998. Appraisal was commissioned by the German, French and British corporations. Gradually, a system of formulas and control parameters, which in the meantime has shown its viability. Currently, evaluation is performed for 14 parameters and is against most major economies in the world, including Russia.

In mid-October 2012 IBFS united Board of Directors decided to make public its rating system, to contribute to the stabilization of the global economy. IBFS ratings publication starts in the business press and on the website in December 2012 - January 2013.

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